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PayPal gives us funds immediately:

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Go Fund Me will be received once the campaign receives $100,000:

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, Russia waged war on Ukraine. Within hours of their
first strike, we began to rally together to raise money for medical supplies. We’ve been collecting donations through multiple sources, including PayPal, PayPal Giving Fund, GoFundMe, and in-person fundraising events.

Maidan United has several active campaigns:

1. PayPal gives us funds immediately. 

2. PayPal Giving Fund matches your donation up to $2,500 annually.

3. Go Fund Me will be received once the campaign receives $100,000.

4. Most importantly we receive direct donations from businesses, fundraisers, events, and medical supplies from individuals. 

Every dollar counts and our Ukrainian brothers and sisters need your continued support.
We ask that you consider making a donation in whatever amount you are able to. There is
no donation too small.

Araya Chiropractic Wellness Center
Belvedere Cafe and Restaurant
Ewa Nizielski LMT
Excel Fitness
FootPrints Shoes and Accessories
Jessica Behm
K3 Promotions
Kayam Construction
Polina Bodner Shapiro
Salon Serenity
TDG Financial LLC
Yelena Larson Photography



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